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Whether you would like to let me know what you are up to, or want to provoke a personal response, whether you have a burning question about life in Namibia, or would like some Namibian cooking recipes, or would like to know a little more about work in development, drop me a line!

You can write me a message on this site, or …

email me at isabelle_rissogill@yahoo.co.uk

text me on +264 813 180 896 (my UK mobile doesn’t work out here)

or write to me at: c/o Africa 2000 Trust, PO Box 86623, Eros, Windhoek, NAMIBIA

Apparently the postal system can be a bit dodgy, so nothing expensive or dodgy please. And lovely Father Andrew advised me that if you address it to Sister Isabelle (under the proviso that I am a nun), it is more likely to make it, as the post-people wouldn’t dare steal from the Church. I can hear you all laughing now, but if you want me to get letters (which will be reciprocated), think about it. Also write the name and address in RED pen, as this deters theives (witchcraft or something!).

I love post, it makes me smile, so any post received will get a big hug and some cultural artefact gift on my return! Postcards are well received also, as my bedroom walls are rather bare.
FYI: Post takes about 3 weeks to arrive from UK (if it makes it through the damned Jo’burg office without getting nicked), and about 4-6 weeks from Nam to Europe.



1. bERNIE - September 26, 2006

Hello my lovely, i have just been getting myself up to speed on your adventures, it all sounds very exciting. Can’t wait to hear more, though i do feel you are gonna have to do the odd email in addition to your blog to fill me in on any juicy goings on out there! Over here things are probably not so new and exciting but irealnd was good (well 5 days grannysitting was hard work, but then 5 days of serious partying in dublin was mammoth, it was the all ireland gaelic foot final and i have never seen anything that even came close to rivalling it for festivities!), was in the eastend at the weekend as 3 bands mates of mine are in were doing a gig at east london uni, it was awesome, about 60 of us ended up at a house party and at least 30 of us woke up there too. Taking it easy now and taking time off partying as need to save my pennies! Take care out there, lots of love, bernie x

2. Gaz - September 28, 2006

hey Iz, sorry i haven’t made a visit to this site yet. new job demands my full attention! it sounds like you are settling in well. i wonder just how often you will be writing this further into your trip. not as often i think! i really enjoyed reading about it all though and have added you to my faves list on t’internet! i will now be a site groupie/geek!
not much going on to fill you in on. i just seem to be working the whole time. if there is gossip or anything at all, i will let you know. sevenoaks stag theatre has closed (if this counts as news)….but that really is it!
i am also glad to read that you are looking after yourself properly. keep it up.
and now that i am working for the africa team in my company, i will try very hard to come and visit.
lots of love and peace gxx

3. Gaz - September 28, 2006

well i have made a visit now…you know what i mean. you smell. x

4. peter khumub - February 26, 2007

hi isabelle, i just want to thank you and tell you that im so greatful for what you are doing for the african people, especially namibians. im a namibian too but currently im studying in the usa. i have been in england for last two years at milton keynes and i can’t waite to go back there again. keep up the good work..lots of lovexxx

5. sue,botswana - September 4, 2007

hei ,isa gud luck in evety thing that you do , africa is a beautiful continent , pls pass by botswana, people here are so lovely, its a beautiful country . keep up the good work darl

6. Cora - May 7, 2008

hi Isabelle,
just one question…
have you choosen Namibia or did VSO just send you there because of your education…I might want to work as an VSO Volunteer as well…I just don’t really know how it works. Maybe you can drop me a line. Would be great. Thanks! Looking forward to hear from you.
Cheers Cora

7. Toini - August 27, 2010

Hey i am inpired by you dear.What can i do to work as VSO volunteer as well? Thanks

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