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No Larium necessary July 20, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Creatures, Eh?, Reality.

I have had problems sleeping for a few years now, and am quite used to having active and memorable dreams. But since moving here they have just got plain silly. On arrival, I dreamt a lot of here with aspects of home (like finding a proper pub along the side of the road), or of home with aspects of here (like giraffes and kudus running around London). Also dream a lot of surfing and the sea – probably withdrawl symptoms.

Over the months I have had a lot of pregnancy dreams. One was that I was that I was about to leave and was having a quick holiday in South Africa with lots of friends, but I was pregnant and was trying to figure out if I could surf with a baby belly. I was also discussing with my friends how best to tell my mum that I was having a black baby (don’t worry, Mum, it was just a dream).

Most recently, I dreamt that I gave birth to a tray of nine assorted cakes, including a few cream buns and sheaf of flapjacks. This was of course totally normal, so I then went out shopping with my mum and when we came back, my cakes had turned into a little baby boy who was locked in a conservatory, and the owner was being really slow and letting me see him.

Last night I dreamt that I saw a baboon sharpening a pencil.

I left my dream dictionary at home. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me translate these.

And no, I am not taking any anti-malarial medication.



1. GX - July 21, 2007

All rather worrying. I thought you wanted to become an aunty not a mum just yet?

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