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Google links to my website May 28, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Communication, Eh?, The web.

On my weblog account, I can check how many people read my site, what links take them there or what they google and end up looking at my site when it pops up on the search. Mostly it is things like “Namibian culture”, “Herero”, “VSO blogs”, “isabelle
Namibia” (obviously a direct search) and other titbits that vaguely correspond to topics I have written about.

Quite disturbingly, I just saw that over the weekend, two people came to my site having googled “Human poo fights” and “selling human poo”. Obviously, this is quite innocently linked to my work in Ovitoto a few months ago involving the building of the Otjitoilets, and hence it crops up on google searches. I am however concerned as to why people were looking up fights with human poo (is it a common event? Are they looking to start one? Is it a cultural event that I should suggest my anthropology classmates should go and investigate?) or that someone is interested in selling/buying human poo.

And so, if you are a chance visitor to this site, brought here by Google, I would be most grateful if you could write below what you wrote in the search engine, and if it is a bit obscure, what you were looking for and why. And more to the point, whether you found what you were looking for.



1. cecilia tinonin - May 29, 2007

ciao bella,

your website is really cool. I google ” Isabelle Namibia” in my search and i took a look at it because i would like to start one too.
Take care and keep in touch,

2. isabelleinnamibia - May 29, 2007

Thanks hon. I hope you got back to Italy safely! I hear we may see you soon after all?
All the best my dear,

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