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An update May 16, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Danger, Devastating, Eh?, Namibia, Raaah!.

 Yesterday I got a call from my boss saying a woman had called him saying her son had found my bag in the river bed. Matthias and I had actually searched the riverbed the following day and found nothing, but we suspected that they would dump what they didn’t want somewhere near the scene of the crime. I took the number, and found out this lady lived just round the corner, right near the riverbed. Still paranoid, I only took nothing but the spare keys, and cycled the 200m there.
I was confronted with a little old German lady, holding my ripped bag, containing ALL of my cards. I was so relieved to have my driving license back, and even my cancelled Namibian bank card. But the wallet, keys, lip balm, etc were gone. Then this older black man comes out, who she introduces as her son. He didn’t speak much English, so I was unable to find out where and how he found it. Not comfortable standing around in the street, I said my thank-yous and cycled off home. When I got in, I started thinking that it was a little suspicious. What was he doing in the river bed? How did he find it amongst the reeds? Were my cards and bag all he really found? And why did they so keenly ask where I lived (to which I was warily vague in response)? He was too old to be her son, and the wrong colour at that (although I know that genetics can do some wondrous and surprising things). It sounds a little set up. Or that might just be my overactive imagination…



1. Heather A. - May 17, 2007

How perfectly horrible! The whole mugging and attack, I mean. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. So add consider me part of the chorus. It just seems like it’s been one thing after another for you.

As for this incident with the German lady and “son,” it’s possible your suspicions are wrong, but I don’t think you are being paranoid. Very smart to be vague about where you live. If your landlord won’t change the locks, can you do it yourself, or add a chain lock or something? I don’t want to add to your unease, but it does seem wise to be cautious.

I owe you an e-mail from way back, and it will come soon. Best of luck and stay safe!

2. Gaz - May 23, 2007

as you say ‘they mugged the wrong person’! common sense all around and having a rough few days deserves a beer! in these circumstances i would, of course, buy you one. however, the obvious makes this impossible and so let’s just pretend i have.
mate, i too owe you an email (long overdue) and will endeavour, as always, to send you one.
take things easy lilyvandoodle xx

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