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Winter is coming April 27, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Hot, Namibia, Out of the city, Weather.

Whilst the sun is breaking out and global warming is letting itself be known with unusually early heat waves, down in the southern hemisphere, winter is approaching. A few weeks ago, the clocks went back (we are now the same as the UK), which means it is dark by 6pm. This is more of a nuisance than annoying, because it limits the amount of time I have to do things, as it is not so safe to walk around at night.

It is also getting colder. After months of 30oC days, and 25oC nights, temperatures have started to plummet, and I am beginning to notice the effects of living in a desert climate at a high altitude. I’ve started to wear more long sleeves and trousers and even wore a jacket out the other night. Although each day is blissfully sunny, this morning I felt a distinct crispness in the air, giving me a waft of nostalgia of English summer mornings.

To confirm my observations, I saw an article in The Namibian today, titled “Winter extends its chilly fingers”. This is what was said…

“Temperatures were expected to drop significantly last night as a cold front moved in from the south. Odilo Kgobetsi at the Windhoek Weather Bureau said yesterday that today’s maximum temperatures in southern and central Namibia wil be below 25oc.
Tomorrow’s maximum temperature in Windhoek is not expected to exceed 20oC.”

I hope you can all understand how significant this is. Winter has certainly arrived. I’d better pop out and buy some cheap polyester jumpers and plastic boots. But not this weekend. On hearing about the imminent arrival of the Day-After-Tomorrow-esque weather conditions, some friends and I are fleeing for Botswana’s Okavango Delta, which promises a pleasing 30oC. It’s only 8 hours drive away and we will be there until Tuesday, taking full advantage of the May 1st Public Holiday. And there’s a lot of water there, which will be a change from the desert.

Happy May Day. Anyone running around the May Pole or morris dancing?



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