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Doggy paddle March 12, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Creatures, Raaah!.

The sun was setting as I got back late from the office. I was a bit wound up from a last minute rush at work and unenthusiastically anticipating an early start the next morning to get out to Ovitoto before the cattle auction started. I got home in a slight sweat from the up-hill walk back in the early evening heat and slumped on the sofa. I needed a swim, and what a blessing it is that there is a small pool at my new place. The pool is actually in the garden of our landlord, Edwin’s, house, which is also where his beautiful big rottweilers, Queenie and Che, hang out.
Jillian and I let ourselves through the gate and are greeted by the fierce-looking-but-actually-gentle-as-teddy-bear dogs. The dogs follow as we walk around to the pool, and I dive in whilst Jill hangs out on the side having a smoke. As I surface, I find both dogs barking furiously around the edge of the pool. They normally bark a bit as we walk past their gate up our path to our house, but this time they were frothing at the mouth. As I swam to the edge to calm them down, they upped the ante, and start clawing at my arms, leaving big red scratches. Slightly frightened by these large dogs feverishly guarding the edge of the pool but exhausted by the day, I decide to stay in a bit longer to unwind until I can be bothered to deal with them. So I turn around and duck under the water. Next thing I know, I have 150lbs of rottweiler on my back, as Queenie had leapt on to my back as soon as I had submerged myself. Struggling to the surface, Queenie is by my side, scraping claws down my arms and back as she paddles to stay afloat, slobber dissipating across the water’s turbulent surface . I’m out of my depth and she is pushing me under by my shoulders. Finally resurfacing, I grab her front paw, and drag her as I paddle over to the edge where I push Queenie on the shallow ledge. Whilst she shakes herself dry, I clamber out, to be greeted by Che (the size of a small bear) who just ups on me and starts chewing and pulling on my bikini straps. Jillian came over to the rescue, just as Queenie started jumping up on me, and Che began chewing frantically at my towel. He pulled it from my hands and ran off into the garden to begin a tug-of-war game with Queenie with my nice towel. Rather terrified by what had just happened, with news stories of ‘Rottweiler attacks’ from home rushing through my mind, I stand dumb-founded whilst Jillian goes to face them and at long last retrieves my chewed, filthy and soaking towel.
Grabbing it, I run through our gate, leaving the dogs behind and up to our house, shortly followed by Jillian. Reflecting, I realise that the dogs were scared for me when I was in the water, and when I swam under, instinctively thought to try and rescue me. Just as well I wasn’t really in trouble.
In my bedroom mirror, I see long red welts developing from my shoulders right down to the top of my bum; my forearms are also criss-crossed with long red lumps. At least there is no blood.
I go to show Jillian.
“Yeah, Edwin did say that when using the pool, it’s best to keep the dogs out, as they tend to go a bit crazy. But I didn’t think they would be like that…”
Although I have made my peace with the pups, I haven’t been near the pool since.



1. rachie - March 13, 2007

Oh my god – you poor thing! How scary. X

2. GX - March 14, 2007

And we were worried about you getting attacked by lions or other wild animals of Africa, or even sharks in the water. We hadn’t thought of pet dogs.

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