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New Year’s Parties January 8, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Other VSO blogs, Peculiarities, Raaah!.

Each year there seems to be such a kerfuffal over what to do to see in the New Years. ‘Who’s having a party? Who’s going? Oh they’re all going to that bar? But that lot are going to that other place…what about the street party are there any tickets left? They are how much!?’ And of course everyone wants to be with their friends, in the best place, having the best time. I’ve had some crappy New Years over the years, as we all have, and each year want it to be better than the last. But it’s so difficult to get everyone in one place, even within small town and village communities.
But this year shows just how difficult it isn’t. I saw in my New Year in Zambia (1500km from my home in Windhoek), with people from at least 4 different countries, living across Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Malawi. Some of us had driven or travelled days to be there, on a budget too. All it took was a couple of emails, and there we were, all together at New Years Eve. And it was probably the best New Years celebrations ever.
In future years, I will propose to all my friends that we travel from different start points, for days, to some obscure place that none of us have been to before, spending as little money as possible, and maybe we will all be reunited before midnight.
But then again, many of us VSO volunteers were hired for our management and organisational skills!
I would like to add a big thanks and congratulations to Alexa on orchestrating the whole event. Nice one honey!!



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