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A plea/notice about post January 8, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Peculiarities, Raaah!.

I’ve had a few problems with the postal service over here, mainly that a lot of things aren’t arriving, and are being nicked on route.
So just in the event that anyone wants to send me anything, I propose that you send it to my parents in London, as I will be seeing them in a few weeks at my brother’s wedding in South Africa.
Their address is: 10, Kings Gardens, London. NW6 4PU, UK.
Nothing too bulky or heavy of course, but it’s just so nice to receive a hand-written letter, but they so often get stolen in hope that there is money in the them. Much appreciated would be postcards of home or fun stuff to decorate my spartan room, books, CDs of music (especially new stuff that I can’t get out here – help me stay up to date), or DVDs to entertain my quiet evenings.
For things to reach me via Mum and Dad, please post before 25th January. Anything received will be rewarded in some grin-enticing manner. Maybe attache a message to my parents too, as they too like post.
To send anything after this date, please see the Contact Me page for details and instructions on how to maximise the chance of it not getting ‘lost’ in Jo’burg.
I really like post. It makes my day.



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