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…. and a salmonella new year!! January 5, 2007

Posted by isabelleinnamibia in Namibia, Raaah!, VSO.

So after two weeks on the road, we arrived back safely in hot sunny
Windhoek. I’m grateful to be back; to not spend another day pushing to reach our destination before sunset, to not encounter another official wanting to rip off the muzungus, to not have to repack my bag of damp dirty clothes, to be able to sleep in my own bed. But my main delight in being back is because I’m ill. Starting on New Year’s Eve, and gradually resembling the girl from the Exorcist more and more throughout NY Day, I was eventually whisked off to the doctor to be diagnosed with a nasty bout of salmonella. Happy bloody new year to me! Two days in a (now stinky) car back to
Windhoek didn’t help of course, nor does the fact the antibiotics I’m on make me nauseous, feverish and shaky. But I’ve been to the doctor here (once I found one, as they all appear to be on holiday!), and they think I’m on the mend (although they don’t seem to know what’s really wrong). The main problem with this whole sickness thing though is that I haven’t been able to take my antimalarials for the last week or so, but was bitten heaps up north all the same, and so am at risk of developing malaria shortly after I recover from this. And bilharzia could be a risk too after spending Christmas frolicking around
Lake Malawi. Oh dear! Don’t worry though, I have the doctor on speed-dial, and the VSO office is clued in and is fantastically supportive.


Another plus is that my boss has gone away and shut the office til Monday, so I am working from home on a funding proposal. I wouldn’t have been able to make the 30min hilly walk anyway, especially in this heat. The problem with this is that I am house-bound, but
Windhoek is still empty due to the extended holiday everyone takes at this time of year, so I don’t really have any reason to go out! It’s quite a treat to spend a few days in bed, even if it is because I feel pants, and even if I am working!



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